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High Performance Rubber Fire Safety Flooring for Rolling Stock

The rail sector is probably our largest market for Treadmaster Flooring and it has been installed on many thousands of trains over several decades with floors in some carriages over 40 years old still in operation today. Every piece of flooring is manufactured to our client’s specific requirements with a full tailored service available. Variants included length, width, thickness, colour and even chip size and ratio.

Free from; Halogens, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, PVC, Volatile elements, DOP’s, Formaldehyde, Asbestos and Heavy metals, our rubber flooring has many environmental qualities as well as being high performing, essential for extremely high traffic areas and spaces where fire safety is key.

Most common products for Rail

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Underground / Sleeper Trains

Originally developed for London Underground. World-class fire safety and resistance to wear. Compliant to BS6853 Cat 1a and EN45545-2 HL-3. Fully homogenous with a through body construction. The safest option for tunnels and sleeper trains.

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Metro Systems / Overground

Specifically developed for Metro systems as well as over-ground trains. Compliant to BS6853 Cat 1b and EN45545-2 HL-3. Fully homogenous with a through body construction.

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Associated Products

For completing any project

A full range of coving, cornices, treadplates, sealants, nosings and pictograms.

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Including self-adhesive options

Detail on bonding options for Treadmaster Flooring.